The #breakfreefromplastic movement is working to change the global plastic crisis story. Changemakers from over 20 countries have convened an ambitious strategy to stop plastic at its source and illuminate the true cost of our plastic habit.

For more than four decades, Big Plastic Polluters have been telling us it’s ‘our fault’ pollution happens as a result of plastic use. But we know it’s the fault of the companies who make it, market it, and distribute it, often in places with no infrastructure to deal with it. And we’ve set out to change that.

GP0STR57N Plastic-spitting Dragon Protests at Our Oceans Conference in Malta Greenpeace protests with a plastic-spitting dragon in front of the 'Our Oceans 2017' conference-building in Malta. The four-meter high dragon spits single-use plastic to present a new way of exposing plastic pollution offenders as a part of the Break Free From Plastic movement. Greenpeace demands of targeted culprits such as Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola etc to stop producing single-use plastics.

As in a chapter of Game of Thrones, this morning Malta has awakened with a dragon in its streets.

Children pick through debris in Flores, Indonesia. Trash programs like San Fernando's could give the poor more opportunities throughout Southeast Asia. Credit: Don Mammoser/ Shutterstock

In the northern Philippines, in the province of Pampanga, the small city of San Fernando is leadi

Break Free from Plastic movement

Meet the changemakers behind #breakfreefromplastic who are pushing for real solutions

Image from Greenpeace UK

Sometimes it can feel that as individuals it’s hard to make a difference.

Underwater image of a turtle with plastic on his head.

We know our oceans and coastlines are choking on plastic.

Plastic disposable items are displayed on a beach and the word ‘Trash’ is spelt out from the rubbish. This is part of the Ocean Defenders Campaign in which the Greenpeace ship Esperanza MV sails to the Pacific Ocean, sometimes referred to as the North Pacific garbage patch, to document the threat that plastic poses to the environment and sea life.

We’ve all seen the headlines about the huge environmental problems caused by single-use plastics.

Greenpeace and local citizens protest at the White House against the Waste Technologies Incinerator.

February 24, 2017, Quezon City — Environmental groups in the Philippines warn that proposed plast

Floating plastic trash in Hua Lamphong canal behind Klong toey community, Bangkok, Thailand.

Manila, 20 January 2017— Greenpeace called on ASEAN governments to advance oceans protection ahea